PT Link Net Tbk partners with TEA Networks to Bring Next Generation In-Home Wi-Fi Services for Residential Subscribers

Press Release - March 13, 2023
PT Link Net Tbk partners with TEA Networks to Bring Next Generation In-Home Wi-Fi Services for Residential Subscribers

News Summary:

  • As part of its ongoing advanced technology partnership with Link Net, TEA Networks has successfully completed a series of PoC to build the next-generation broadband services for Link Net.
  • Incorporating TEApot (TEA Predictive Optimization Technology), Link Net can offer the most reliable home Wi-Fi user experience that predicts failures and solves problems before they happen.
  • The success of PoC further strengthened Link Net’s home broadband advantage to enhance user experience and maximize customer satisfaction.


March 10th, 2023PT Link Net Tbk (Link Net), one of the leading providers of fixed broadband internet and cable TV has more than 3 million homes passed in Indonesia with the brand First Media, and TEA Networks (TEA), a leading global provider of Wi-Fi predictive maintenance software, announced today that it has successfully conducted a series of proof of concept (PoC) using TEA Predictive Optimization Technology (TEApot) - an in-home Wi-Fi management solution -  to provide the next generation home Wi-Fi services.

As in-home Wi-Fi undoubtedly plays an important role and has become a core service offering for many worldwide internet services providers (ISPs), today’s available managed Wi-Fi solutions heavily rely on specific functionalities of hardware, which lack interoperability. These vertically integrated solutions require long integration cycles with high maintenance requirements.

With the launch of TEApot Home Wi-Fi management solution, Link Net will strengthen its broadband’s quality of services by offering the most reliable Wi-Fi connectivity with the current and upcoming next-generation Wi-Fi 6 devices. Throughout the trials, TEA Networks has demonstrated the benefits of TEApot Cloud and TEApot Devices - they work in tandem and are the heart of the technology with purpose-built AI and intelligent-edge capabilities, which enables self-monitored networks for subscribers to stay connected with fast and reliable home Wi-Fi connectivity.

Edward Sanusi, Director & Chief Technology Officer of PT Link Net Tbk, revealed his satisfaction with the validation results of TEApot's incorporation into a series of PoC.

He added, "This collaboration will create an end-to-end solution and a manifestation of Link Net's continuously optimizing services for residential subscribers. The forthcoming launch of the next generations Wi-Fi devices with TEApot Cloud and TEApot Devices advantages will further complement action tools and support in giving excellent services to customers. Moreover, First Media is enabled to optimize its reliable internet connection speeds faster with up to 75 percent better latency. Thus, we can improve user experience and maximize customer satisfaction.”

“Link Net is the first internet provider in Indonesia using TEApot solution. TEA Networks is proud to be part of these trials with Link Net to demonstrate the value of TEApot solution and committed to providing advanced self-healing solutions for Link Net which will enable subscribers to enjoy seamless WiFi services with optimized performance - simply put, stay connected and enjoy”, said Sean Kim, the Chief Strategy Officer at TEA Networks.