Code of Conduct

The Company’s commitment as a public company to obtain long term business sustainability is not only reflected on the Company’s compliance to binding regulations. The Company always implements a standard ethics and professional responsibilities as one of benchmarks in its efforts to achieve balance in business. Besides obligation to comply with the regulations and laws, the Company also implements the standard ethics and professional responsibilities as part of its responsibilities to the public, customers, shareholders and stakeholders in doing its business.

Under the guidance of the international standard, commitment to always obey the regulations, the implementation of good corporate governance, it is fundamentally important for the Company to determine the Standard Ethics and Professional Responsibilities (Code of Ethics) that have been approved under a Resolution of the Board of Directors No. 710/LN-HR/SKDireksi/II/22 dated 1 March 2022. All management and employees are obliged to understand the Code of Ethics as the basis of implementation and behavior that regulate the relations between employees and the Company, among employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, stakeholders, the government and the society. All management and employees are obliged to sign the standard code of ethics every two year.

Treatment on misappropriation towards the Corporate Regulations as well as the Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities is performed in a thorough investigation, which is based on facts, while the decision is made and issued based on the impacts of the actions, the level of consciousness and motives of the actions. Through a meticulous and objective consideration, the Board of Directors will decide on sanctions in accordance with the level of irregularities and the organizational hierarchy (the employees’ ranks or positions). Sanctions to employees include verbal reprimand, warning letters (I, II, III) as well as repudiation on wage increase, rank or bonuses, to the termination of employment. Specific on the termination of employment, an approval from the Directors need to be followed up by a request to the Manpower Department in line with regulations under the Law on Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia.