Corporate Governance Guidance

The implementation of good corporate governance is not only reflected by the visions, missions and values of The Company, but also by the Companies’ efforts to obey regulations in achieving the visions, missions and values. The Company, as part of the good corporate citizen, realizes that regulations are needed to regulate not only the Company’s external relations with the public but also the Company’s internal relations with its organs and employees. Therefore, the Company arranges a series of rules applied as corporate regulations.

The Company’s corporate regulations are arranged in accordance with the philosophy of Pancasila and the National Development Program, where improvement in the economy and in the nation’s living standard is in need of supports from all the nations. Thus, the Company desires to role in Indonesia’s economic development not only by developing its business but also by developing and improve the competence of the human resources.

The Company has determined that the management of human resources is part of its strategic development plan, in this way, the Company will be able to easily and persistently improve its ability to compete with other companies in Indonesia. The Company always believe that human resources are important assets for the Company’s sustainable growth and development for a long term. The Company’s existence is also important for its employee.

The Company has considered various aspects so that it will be able to create a harmonious, save, steady, peaceful and dynamic relation between the Company and its entire employee. Among the aspects are certainty of duties, rights and obligations of all employees, attentions on employees’ needs during healthy and illness, and creation of working atmosphere supporting working environment. Those aspects are expected to be able to increase employee’s productivity and help in the creation of peacefulness and complacence for employees so that any problems that emerge can be solved amicably.

The Corporate Regulations has been approved through a Decision Letter of Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia, the Director General for Industrial Relations Development and Manpower Social Guarantee Number: KEP.1423/PHIJSK-PK/PP/XI/2015 dated 8 December 2015 that will be valid until 30 April 2017 Generally, the Corporate Regulations contain the rights and obligations of employees and the company as well as rules aiming at the maintenance of harmonious, consistent and balance relations as part of attempts to increase efficiency, productivity and optimal achievements. The Corporate Regulations are expected to be able to realize the creation of conducive industrial relations between employees and the Company by paying attentions on the government’s regulations and laws, including their adjustment in the future.