Link Net Enterprise and Hypernet Technologies Commit to Contribute and Support the Strengthening of the Digital Ecosystem of Indonesia’s Business Sector

Press Release - June 14, 2023
Link Net Enterprise and Hypernet Technologies Commit to Contribute and Support the Strengthening of the Digital Ecosystem of Indonesia’s Business Sector

PT Link Net Tbk through the Link Net Enterprise brand continues to innovate and synergize in answering the various needs of enterprise customers. Today, Link Net Enterprise collaborates with Hypernet Technologies in presenting innovative solutions to support the digital transformation of corporate customers from various industrial sectors in Indonesia.

Agung Satya Wiguna, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of PT Link Net Tbk said that there are several important factors to achieve success in digital transformation, including collaborating with partners who have a similar vision and competencies which are complementary to both our businesses.

"It is important for us to establish strategic partnerships with partners who have the same spirit and commitment to supporting the acceleration of the national digital ecosystem, especially for enterprise customers in Indonesia. Through synergy with Hypernet Technologies, we want to provide solid and solutive support every customer's needs in transformation. This synergy also reinforces Link Net Enterprise's commitment in placing customer trust as a top priority." He said.

Digital transformation is no longer a desirability but a necessity for every business and organization in Indonesia to continue operating and growing. In its implementation, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) for Maritime Affairs, Investment, and Foreign Affairs, Shinta Kamdani revealed that challenges that can arise in digital transformation include infrastructure gaps and the readiness of industry players and the user community.

In fact, based on research titled "Digital Transformation of the Public Sector in Indonesia: Current Challenges" conducted in collaboration between the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN), the Indonesian Cloud Computing Association (ACCI), and the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (Fasilkom UI) also mentioned several other challenges such as the quantity and quality of Human Resources, system and service integration, security issues and privacy protection as well as organizational resistance.

CEO Hypernet Technologies Sudianto Oei said, through a common mission to continuously expand the service portfolio of corporate customers in advancing national telecommunications services that focus on accelerating the growth of the digital ecosystem, Hypernet Technologies wants to provide products that are more innovative and can be tailored to each customer's business.

Sudianto Oei added, "With the experience of more than 15 years as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and with the support of Link Net Enterprise's reliable network infrastructure and connectivity, we are optimistic that corporate customers will be more resilient in facing various challenges and achieving digital transformation success."

The synergy between Link Net Enterprise and Hypernet Technologies presents a collaborative product, LYFT (Link Net Hypernet Future Technologies) with the tagline 'Faster, Safer, Reliable', presented in the form of technology solutions for the ease and security of flexible network management, by utilizing software and centralized control functions. Therefore, enterprise customers are able to manage inter-branch networks centrally and monitor all traffic easily and safely.

In addition, this solution also allows enterprise customers to transmit large amounts of data simultaneously with minimal interference, and with a high level of security, opening up opportunities for companies to expand their network areas and improve the performance of smart technologies used, as well as being able to support IT infrastructure cost efficiency.

"For the time being, we will focus on supporting the digitization of the financial sector business. However, it is possible that its benefits will be accelerated and expanded to other industrial sectors. Continuously, we will continue to develop partnerships and innovate through technology to support the needs of digital transformation to more industrial sectors in Indonesia," Agung concluded.