Supporting Community Empowerment, Link Net's Empowering Fund Program Receives CSR Award 2023

Press Release - June 20, 2023
Supporting Community Empowerment, Link Net's Empowering Fund Program Receives CSR Award 2023

PT Link Net Tbk continues to be committed to encouraging community empowerment through the Empowering Fund sustainable program which received recognition in the form of the CSR Award 2023. This program involves the participation of Link Net employees, known as the First Squad, in successfully completing a series of challenge activities. Each challenge successfully completed by the First Squad will earn points, which are then converted to Rupiah value and collected into funds channeled to non-profit organizations and social business.

President Director & CEO of PT Link Net Tbk, Marlo Budiman said, "We strive to make positive contributions that are not only channeled through excellent service but also through Link Net's ongoing commitment to community empowerment. We are also grateful that this commitment received the CSR Award 2023, which shows the results of passion and contribution of the First Squad through the Empowering Fund program that Link Net has carried out every year since 2021. We hope in the future we can always bring long-term benefits, both for individuals, communities, and the wider community."

In last year's Empowering Fund, Link Net successfully engaged 584 First Squads to take part in various challenges implemented through the First Squad Connect digital platform. Link Net managed to raise and donate IDR 224 million to two non-profit organizations, namely the Sokola Institute and Yayasan Menembus Batas, as well as one social business, namely the Inisiatif Bisnis dan Ekonomi Kerakyatan (IBEKA).

These three organizations were chosen because they are organizations that empower the community. Together with Yayasan Menembus Batas, Link Net supports the Difablepreneur program which aims to enable people with disabilities with mentoring programs to develop their businesses and provide capital to achieve financial independence.

Link Net also participated in the Sokola Institute's SOKOLA SUMBA program, which educates children in Eastern Indonesia by providing logistical needs as well as facilitating training and empowerment, also collaborated with IBEKA to provide training for residents in a program called Pengembangan Potensi Lokal (Pisang) Berbasis Masyarakat in Cinta Mekar Village, Subang, West Java.

Deputy Chief Transformation Officer PT Link Net Tbk, Joel Peter Ellis added, "We believe that true success is not only measured by financial returns but also through the positive change we bring to the communities we serve. This award demonstrates our dedication to sustainable practices and good business ethics which involves First Squad collaboration."

For background purposes, CSR Awards 2023 is an award event for corporations that continue to support and contribute to the strengthening of the economy, human resources, environment, community, and sustainable society, in which the selection stage has started since February 2023.