Statement On Commitment

To Apply Integrated Management System

PT Link Net Tbk (“Link Net”) is running business in the high-speed broadband internet service provider business in Indonesia, and also enters into cooperation with PT First Media Television as paid television service provider.

Link Net is committed to apply the standard-based Integrated Management System standard ISO 37001:2016 for the provision of data provider and tv cable internet service for Business Process Improvement function in office center, ISO standard 20400:2017 for non-project goods and service procurement on provision of management standardization, ISO 9001:2015 for provision of internet data provider and cable TV services, ISO standard 20000-1:2018 for IT & Services Service Management System in providing Subscribers Management System Service in Link Net, ISO standard 27001:2013 for Operational Data Center to support the Subscribers Management System Service, and ISO standard 14001:2015 for the provision of internet data and cable TV services, ISO standard 45001:2018 for the provision of data internet and cable TV services at the head office and PP Number 50 of 2012 for Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard (SMK3).

The application of Integrated Management System encourages Link Net to fulfill the commitments of:

  1. Providing the corporate governance supporting the achievement of the company’s objective of anti-bribery as well as application the Good Corporate Governance principles;
  2. Applying And developing the Integrated Management System (IMS) in accordance with the applicable provision and standard;
  3. Applying the commitment to fulfil the code of ethics, effective competency professional and development responsibility;
  4. Prohibiting bribery and similar practices within the company;
  5. Aligning anti-bribery policies with the company’s objectives;
  6. Ensuring commitment to fulfill the requirements of the Anti-Bribery Management System;
  7. Encouraging the increase in anti-bribery awareness among the relevant stakeholders;
  8. Carrying out the principle of continuous improvement in the Anti-Bribery Management System;
  9. Giving responsibility, authority and independence to the Anti-Bribery Compliance Function (FKAP);
  10. Giving strict sanctions to violators of the provisions in the Anti-Bribery Management System policy;
  11. Realizing the planning, implementation and evaluation of the process of procurement of goods and services by taking into account the principles of a continuous process;
  12. Providing the best service, high quality and high consistency and environmentally friendly;
  13. Organizing information technology services in an international standard service catalog according to the expectations of service users;
  14. Ensuring information security for data and information security;
  15. Providing an environmentally friendly work environment to preserve the environment and prevent environmental damage or pollution according to the context of the organization;
  16. Providing a work environment that is safe, healthy, mutually respectful, and responsible for preventing work-related accidents and diseases (PAK) and creating a synergistic work environment;
  17. Implementing risk control through measuring goals and corporate programs to realize integrity, procure sustainable goods and services, provide customer satisfaction, provide quality technology services, ensure information security and minimize hazards and reduce risks to occupational health and safety and environmental security;
  18. Complying with applicable laws and regulations related to anti-bribery, procurement related to goods and services, quality, service quality, technology, information security, environmental sustainability and occupational health and safety;
  19. Informing the rules, regulations and policies that apply in the company and accommodating the communication and participation from the related parties;
  20. Regularly conducting the performance monitoring and continuous improvement to keep it relevant and appropriate for the organization.

This policy on application of Integrated Management System applies to the employees and the stakeholders in Link Net environment. This policy is documented, communicated, maintained and reviewed periodically according to the changes that occur in legislation, technology, processes or others to be perfected.