Link Net Reports Year On Year (YOY) Revenue Up

Press Release - October 31, 2017
Link Net Reports Year On Year (YOY) Revenue Up

October 30, 2017

9M17 Year on Year Result Highlights
• +16.8% growth in revenues to Rp2,5 trillion
• +22.4% growth in Operating Profit to Rp1,0 trillion
• +22.4% growth in net profit to Rp740 billion
• 1.944 million total homes passed
• ARPU increasing to Rp420k for 9M17
• Penetration increasing to 28.8%
• 118,000 homes passed YTD

PT Link Net Tbk (“Link Net” or the “Company”; stock code: “LINK”) has delivered results that
are above the company’s full year growth guidance.

As of 9M17 Link Net has booked revenue of Rp2,5 trillion growing +16.8% YTD. The company
has booked operating profit of Rp1 trillion as of 9M17 recording +22% growth YoY. Link Net
booked Rp740 billion in net profit as of 9M17 growing earnings by+22% YoY.

Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) increased to Rp420k YTD and we added an additional
26,995 revenue generating units (13,639 Broadband Units & 13,356 Cable TV Units) in 3Q17.
We continued to successfully execute the roll out of our network and have achieved 118,000
homes passed Year to Date (YTD). The customer penetration on our network increased to

As at 9M17 operating profit margins expanded to 40.1% YTD increasing from 38.2% YoY. As
at 9M17 net profit margins expanded to 29.5% YTD rising from 28.2% YoY.

Dr. Irwan Djaja, President Director and CEO, commented on the results, said: The company
continues to consistently deliver both operationally and financially. We’ve built a strong
foundation year to date and look forward to reporting our full year results in a few months’
time. The Company’s strong and consistent results are a reflection of the ever increasing
demand for high speed broadband internet and good quality cable television services in
Indonesia as well as the sound execution by the Link Net executive team

About PT Link Net Tbk
PT Link Net Tbk ("Link Net"), established in 1996, is the largest provider of services via cable
in Indonesia, providing subscription of high quality television services, high-speed next
generation broadband internet, and data communications. Link Net operates in Greater
Jakarta, Greater Surabaya (including Malang), Bandung, Bali, Medan and Batam.

Link Net owns and operates a network of Hybrid Fiber Coaxial cable ("HFC") and Fiber-to-the
Home (FTTH) that provide high-speed internet access services to retail and business
customers. Link Net also operates a subscription television channel in collaboration with PT
First Media Television (“FMTV”), its subsidiary.

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