Link Net Reports Strong Results In 2014, With A 54.0% Increase In Net Income

Press Release - March 17, 2015
Link Net Reports Strong Results In 2014, With A 54.0% Increase In Net Income

FY 2014 Highlights:

  • Total revenue up 28.3% to Rp 2,136.0 billion
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin up 3.5 percentage points to 57.6%
  • 1.4 million homes passed achieved with 238,161 additional homes passed in 2014
  • Broadband RGUs reached 392,134 and Cable TV*) RGUs reached 362,643, representing growth of 17.8% and 19.2%, respectively

PT Link Net Tbk (“Link Net” or “the Company”; stock code: “LINK”) reported strong full year 2014 results for the year ended 31 December 2014, with a record net income of Rp 557.9 billion, a significant increase of 54.0% compared to FY2013.

Total revenue was Rp 2,136.0 billion, a 28.3% increase over last year. This reflects the Company’s continued commitment to network expansion and meeting the demand for broadband and cable TV*) services.

With prudent cost management and relying on operating leverage, adjusted EBITDA also increased by 36.6% to Rp 1,230.7 billion for FY2014. This is on the back of a total of approximately 755 thousand RGUs (“Revenue Generating Units”) consisting of both broadband and cable TV services.

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Year ended

December 31, 2014

Year ended

December 31, 2013





28.3 %

Adjusted EBITDA




Adjusted EBITDA Margin



3.5 pp

Net Income Margin



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As of December 2014, Link Net is pleased to report a total of 1.4 million homes passed, or an additional of 238 thousand homes passed in 2014 in line with the Company’s target. The growing Indonesia market and the rising demand for better connectivity and services continue to be strong drivers for Link Net’s business.

Commenting on the results and outlook, Richard Kartawijaya, Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are very pleased with our 2014 results which bear testament to our ability and commitment to deliver on our 2014 strategic objectives. Indonesia and its robust growing affluent middle class remain an important market for us and we will continue to pursue our growth by expanding the business and growing our network. 2015 has started strong and we are looking forward to another year of growth and success.’’


 *) in collaboration with PT First Media Television (“FMTV”)