Head of PMO & PBO

Technology & Engineering

1. Develop and plan all aspects of Project Management, and ensure all targets and network improvement programs can run according to the time and the cost that has been set.
2. Plan and ensure that all backbone dual link and enterprise single link network availability are met with SLA target
3. Develop and improve Preventive Maintenance short-term strategy plan to mitigate service disruption impact backbone, DWDM, and corporate link
4. Develop, plan and monitor PU's Project or another related project that has not to get a big impact or interrupt service to the customer
5. Monitor coordination with PU to minimize the impact of PU’s work, and ensure that the timeline of PU's work can be in line with internal improvement initiatives
6. Monitor and ensure all backbone project and data core management meet the cable length objective target to support the OSP network capacity growth target
7. Monitor Plan and evaluate CO closure, rehoming node, and split nodes project to meet the timeline and comply with standardization
8. Monitor and ensure the First Media OSP Backbone Network is operated, maintained, and engineered as well as possible to ensure MTTR Dark fiber and corporate meets the SLA target.
9. Monitor and improve target poles are completed on time and meet requirements"
10. Measure team productivity to support and improve the speed of recovery time of HFC Element
11. Develop and implement Audit NRO design including support and monitor Migration Roles Out project updates to achieve project deliverable target


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Telecommunication, Electrical, Computer, or equivalent) or Information System.
2. Minimum 5-10 years of working experience in Telecommunication (preferably in ISP Company)
3. Possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
4. Has good knowledge of presenting and implementing a business contract with contractors and workflow processes.
5. Appreciates teamwork, and has a proven track record in leading a team to achieve the targeted project goal.
6. Fluent in English / Indonesian both written and spoken.
7. Computer literate and with strong experience with Microsoft Office.
8. Good integrity, idealism, and self-motivated.
9. Can work under pressure.
10. Has the willingness to work hard and learn and is a team player.
11. Have knowledge of basic HSE.
12. Willing to be placed in Jakarta Selatan