Head of Content Production

Content Management

1. Maintain budget usage for InHouse channels Content Materials Provisions based on changing business needs
2. Develop strategy plan to ensure Revenue Generation from InHouse Channels
3. Develop program to ensure good reach InHouse Channels Viewership Rate
4. Develop and plan strategically Time Slots Positioning for InHouse Channels for Partners
5. Lead team to ensure project target are delivered based on timeline
6. Create a clear vision for the production team and inspire others to deliver against the vision.
7. Build a creative and competitive production team working across all platforms, conducive to an innovative environment for content making.
8. Lead the development of new ideas from production on all platforms; providing leadership of competitive bids for commissions.


1. An undergraduate or higher degree in Marketing, Communication, Media, Business, or related disciplines
2. Minimum 5 years' working experience in content production with a proven track record of delivering results
3 Experience working in an OTT streaming content video-on-demand platform or e-learning video platform will be a plus
4. Experience in using MS Excel or other software for the purpose of content curation
5. Fluent in English and 1 or more local languages in our markets
6. Willing to be placed in Centennial Tower, Jakarta Selatan