TV Anywhere

FirstMediaX (FMX)

FirstMediaX is a TV anywhere OTT (over-the-top) application, The Company launched this service in 2014 under the brand name “First Media GO”. In 2016, the Company enhanced the application and rebranded the enhanced application under the name “FirstMediaX.”

The new and improved application has many new features to enhance our subscribers viewing experience. Through FirstMediaX, people can now watch 110 Channels wherever they are with their mobile or tablet device. FirstMediaX allows subscribers to watch their pay TV channels, use their Video On Demand (VOD) service and use the 7-day catch up feature so that subscribers don't miss any of their favorite TV shows while they're on the run.

This service appeals to the younger generation's mobile intensive habits as well as those whose lifestyle and/or profession means they're often on the move. Despite the rigorous of day to day life FirstMediaX ensures that our subscribers can be entertained and informed wherever they are. This service appeals to many who live in Jakarta due to the amount of time spent sitting in traffic. We like to think that we contribute to our subscribers' happiness and satisfaction even when they're in the middle of a traffic jam.


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