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"The Best Partner for Your Business"

DataComm is the Company's business unit focused on B2B corporate solutions and providng high speed data services. This business unit utilizes the Company's Fiber Optic cable network. DataComm has had a presence in Indonesia since 2001 operating as an internet service provider under the name Metro-Ethernet. The business caters to corporate customers who require high speed internet access. Including the use of Ethernet Leased-line's for point-to-point connections.

There is a need in the business community for hassle-free access to high speed internet, with the continued growth of e-commerce in Indonesia there is an increasingly growing demand for reliable business partners in this field. DataComm is a partner in business acceleration as a top tier network provider. DataComm is the provider for the integrated network of capital markets (JTPM) for the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) one of the most important internet partnerships in Indonesia.

DataComm offers highly reliable services including high speed data transfer, disaster recovery, storage area networks, peering services, inter-branch connections and video streaming. DataComm prides itself on exceptional service and supports our clients 24 (twenty four) hours a day via our Corporate Help-Desk and Network Operation Center.

We see one of our key goals to become a partner for business acceleration and assist Indonesian businesses to develop and become more competitive in the global market place.


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