Audit Committee

Concerning with the OJK Regulation Number 55/POJK.04/2015, dated December 23, 2015 regarding the Establishment and Implementation Guidelines for the Audit Committee Works, the establishment of the Audit Committee aims to ensure the implementation of corporate governance. The main duty of the Audit Committee is to encourage the implementation of good corporate governance, the establishment of proper internal control structure, the improvement of the quality of transparency and financial reports as well as review the public accountant’s scope, accuracy, independency and objectivity. The Company’s Audit Committee comprises of two members who are independent parties (beyond the Company) having competencies in the accounting and finance sector, and is headed by the Independent Commissioner.

The Audit Committee of the Company appointed based on the resolution of the Board of Commissioners Number SK-001/LN/CSL/VIII/20 effectively since 1 September 2020 until the closing of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders the Company for the Fiscal Year 2023 will be held in 2024, which includes the Audit Committee Charter. The Charter contains guidelines and procedures that govern the activities of the Audit Committee to implement the principles of good corporate governance (GCG), which covers aspects of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence and fairness, justice and equality.

The Structure of the Audit Committee of the Company based on a resolution of the Board of Commissioners Number SK-001/LN/CSL/VIII/20 as follows:

Alexander S Rusli

Chairman of Audit Committee

Indonesian citizen, 49 years old, born in Sidney.
Holds a Ph.D Degree in Information Technology from the Curtin University of Technology.
Is a competent figure, able to create change and have experience and a strong background in technology. Prior to joining the Company, He was the CEO of Indosat Oredoo (2012-2017), which then made Indosat Oredoo, the second-largest telecommunications operator in Indonesia with 100 million subscribers, listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. He also served as Special Ministerial Staff for 9 years at the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Ministry of BUMN, Board Members in various SOE companies such as Krakatau Steel, Geodipa Energi, and PT Kertas Kraft Aceh, and as an Independent Commissioner at PT Sarana Menara Nusantara Tbk (Protelindo) (2018-2019). Currently he still serves in several companies, as Independent Commissioner at PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (2018-present), Independent Commissioner at Hermina Hospital Group (2017-present), Founder of Digiasia Bios, and Owner of Joint Venture with Tempo Digital Media which focuses on animation for Indonesian IP characters.

Tio I Huat

Member of Audit Committee

Indonesian citizen, 47 years old, born in Pematang Siantar.

Hold a bachelor's degree in economic majoring in accounting from Krida Wacana Christian University.

Joined with PT Indofood Sukses Makmur-Bogasri Flour Mills as Account Officer (1995-1997), Senior Auditor at Prasetio Utomo & Co (1997-1999), Manager of PT Cakrawala Mega Indah (1999-2006), Senior Manager at Argo Manunggal Group on 2006, appointed as Director of PT Menamas Mitra Energi subsidiary of PT Truba Alam Manunggal Tbk (2007-2014), Head of Internal Audit at PT Nirvana Development Tbk (2014-2015), as Group Finance Controller at Samko Timber(2016-2017), as Head of Corporate Log Procurement at Samko Timber, (2017– present), dan as Independent director of PT Lontar Papyrus Pulp & Paper (2018-2020).

Barry Alfa Rattu

Member of Audit Committee

Indonesian citizen, 47 years old, born in Tomohon.

Hold Bachelor of Management Information from Bina Nusantara University Jakarta.

Started career as Senior Sales at PT Astra International Tbk - Toyota Sales Operation (Auto 2000) (1994-1997), served in several positions at PT Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills (Sinar Mas Group) with last position as Deputy Head of Finance and Accounting Management By Olympic System (MBOS) (1998-2005). as Business Process Improvement Manager at PT Argo Pantes Tbk (2005-2006), as General Manager of Business Process Improvement and HR at PT Alam Sutera Realty Tbk and PT Pralon (2006-2011), served in several positions at PT Bekasi Fajar Industrial Estate Tbk with last position as Head of CEO Office (2011-2016), Director of PT Makmur Abadi Selaras (2016-2018), as General Manager Sales & Marketing at PT Panca Terang Abadi (Artha Industrial Hill – ARTHA GRAHA Group) on 2017, and As General Manager of Operational Core Business: Crewing, HRGA & IT at PT Trans Power Marine Tbk (2017-present). 

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