TV Anywhere


Previously, technology of voice, data and video was solely separated. Now, these technology become one and easy to interact each other that create synergy and efficient. The present synergy between the internet, broadcasting and telecommunication technology is an example of the product of the convergence trend that can be enjoyed directly.

The Company responded to this convergence trend by creating the TV ANYWHERE service called the First Media GO. This business unit is the manifestation of the Company’s endeavor to realize future innovation ideas by establishing convergence between internet, broadcasting and telecommunication. This TV ANYWHERE service was established to cater to the demands of the urban and sub-urban community for television broadcasted entertainment that can be accessed and viewed anywhere via tablet PC, smartphone, and desktop PC.

This service helps to optimize the digital lifestyle of the young generation and executives with high mobility and aligns with the Company’s aspiration to help people to enjoy their life amidst their busy activity.

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