Corporate Solution


DataComm is the Company’s business unit in corporate solution providing high speed data communication service. This business unit utilizes the Fiber Optic cable network as the basis of its infrastructure to support the data and information exchange process. DataComm has made its presence in Indonesia since 2001 as an internet service under the name Metro-Ethernet catering to the corporate customers requiring high speed internet access and Ethernet Leased-line for point-to-point connection. By using the Fiber Optic infrastructure network, DataComm is providing data services to corporate customers operating in various fields of industry and business.

At the current condition, the business sector requires a reliable and hassle-free access to information such as that offered by the integrated business aplication concept to support its business operation. Moreover, the recent growth of the creative industry in Indonesia presents a great opportunity for the Company to promote its DataComm brand to serve as a “Partner in Business Acceleration”. The use of the term “Partner” by the Company alludes to the service working as the true partner in optimizing businesses operating in various fields of industry and business. As a first class partner, DataComm offers reliable services such as high speed data transfer, disaster recovery, storage area network, peering services, inter-branch connection and video streaming. For after sales services, DataComm is supported by 24 (twenty four) hours Corporate Help-desk and Network Operation Center to help customers experiencing problems.

The Company through the DataComm business unit aims to become a strategic partner for many corporations operating in various fields of industry and business, and ultimately helping businesses in Indonesia to develop and become more competitive.


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