Cable TV


HomeCable is the Company’s business unit in Pay-TV service. This business unit utilizes the cable network as the basis of its infrastructure to broadcast numerous channels in High Definition. In operating the HomeCable service, the cable network is not the only superior advantage of the service being promoted by the Company. The Company is also promoting other advantages of its services such as its High Definition picture quality and Interactive Application.

HomeCable is shifting its position from previously being known for only as a Pay-TV with cable infrastructure (Cable TV). Nowadays, HomeCable has a strong position to become an interactive Cable TV. The term “interactive” serves as the Company’s competitive advantage point or attribute in Pay-TV industry. At present, the High Definition picture quality has become a generic competitive advantage in Pay-TV industry, in other words that it has become a standard offering for every player in Pay-TV industry.
The Company has high expectation that through the HomeCable business unit to give more knowledge for youth generation, open communication, and building closeness with family members.


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