Board of Director

Irwan Djaja

President Director

Indonesian citizen, Irwan (44) was born on December 15, 1971 in Banda Aceh, Sumatra.

Irwan received his Economic Degree of Accounting Faculty from the Universitas Trisakti, Indonesia, and then his Master of Applied Finance from The University of Melbourne, Australia, and lastly received his Doctoral Degree in Management from Binus University, Indonesia.

Irwan joined the Company as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer in July 2015. He is now serving as President Director of PT Indonesia Media Televisi and a President Commissioner of PT Graha Technology Nusantara and a Vice President Director of PT First Media Tbk. In First Media Group he was served as a CFO and a President Director of PT First Media Tbk from 2008-2013 and as a CFO of PT Link Net from 2011-2012. Mr. Irwan served several position as a Director/Deputy CEO of PT Clipan Finance Indonesia Tbk, multifinance company since 2006, was worked at KPMG (Klynved Peat Marwich and Goerdeler) since 1998-2005, in 1999 -2005 as a Director and Associate Corporate Finance in Financial Advisory Services Division of Siddharta Consulting Office, a member of KPMG International, and as a Senior Manager in 1998, and as a Supervisor in Business Advisory Division of Akuntan Prasetya Utama & Co Office in 1994-1996. He was Started his career in 1993 as an Accountant of PT Citra Dimensi Artahali.


Henry Riady


An Indonesian citizen, 27 years old, was born in Singapore.

Mr. Riady holds a Master of Communication Management, Media Management, Entertainment Communication, Media Policy from the University of Southern California and a Bachelor Degree in Media and Cinema Art from Biola University.

Mr. Riady joined the Company as a Director in 2016. Mr. Riady also hold's several positions at First Media Group where he has worked since 2007. In addition, Mr. Riady works in film production and has been involved with several film titles, as Writer, Producer, and a Director of the film “Sepuluh” in 2016, and as Writer and Produser of the film “Blusukan Jakarta” in 2016.

Henry Jani Liando


An Indonesian citizen, born on July 1, 1963 at Jakarta, 52 years old.

Mr. Liando holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Oregon State University and a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

He was appointed the Company’s Independent Director since 2013. Mr. Liando started his career as the Head of Planning of Bank Sumitomo Niaga (1990-1993) and later served as the Head of Finance American Express TRS (1993-1996), Financial Controller (1996-2004) as well as the CFO and Treasurer of Citibank (2004-2008) and a Director of PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (2008-2010). Currently, he is serving as a Commissioner of PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (2010-present) and a Commissioner of PT First Media Television (2011-present).

Timotius Max Sulaiman


An Indonesian citizen, 42 years old, was born in Jakarta.

Holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Tarumanagara University, hold a Master of Bussiness Administration from University of Indonusa Esa Unggul. He also holds Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

He appointed as the Company's Director since April 2017 after previously serving as CFO and Corporate Secretary since October 2016. Mr Timotius started his career as Audit Supervisor of Hans Tuanakotta (member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu) (1996-2000), as Experiences Analyst of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Sydney (2001-2002), then as Audit Manager of Osman Ramli Satrio & Partner (member firm of Deloitte Tohmatsu) (2002-2006). Served as Senior Vice President of PT Mobile-8 Telecom (2006-2010), served as Country Controller of PT Nokia Siemens Network (2010-2011). He also served in several companies as Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) including in PT Mega Entertainment Indonesia, PT Mega Media Indonesia, and PT Festival Citra Lestari (2011-2015). He currently holds position as Director and CFO of PT Internux (BOLT 4G LTE) since 2015.

Edward Sanusi


An Indonesian citizen, born on October 5, 1973 at Bandung, 42 years old.

Holds Bachelor of Science’s degree from Bandung Institute of Technology in Industrial Engineering.

Joined the Company in 2010 as BOM Operations. His experience lies in managing various technology-related business models such as Software Development, System Integrator, ISP, Cable TV, Social Media. Mr Sanusi’s career includes Managing Director at PT Plexis Erakarsa Pirantiniaga (Plasmedia – 1999-2009), Electronic Settlement Manager at Citibank, N.A., Jakarta (1996-1999), He has been a guest Lecturer at UPH Business School since 2013. He also held lecturer positions at Indonesia Banking School for IT (2008-2009), and at Universitas Parahyangan in Bandung for Statistics (1996-1998).

Sigit Prasetya


An Indonesian citizen, born on July 9, 1968 at Bandung, 47 years old.

Mr. Prasetya holds a Master of Business Administration from University of New South Wales and a Bachelor degree in Math from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

He was appointed as the Company’s Director since 2011. Mr. Prasetya started his career as the Assistant Manager of the Credit Card Division at Citibank (1991-1992). He served as a Sales Manager at Peregrine Sewu Securities (1995 - 1996), the Engagement Manager at Booz Allen Hamilton (1996 - 1999), an Executive Director and the Head of Investment Banking of Morgan Stanley in Indonesia (1999 - 2006), the Senior Principal and Head of Southeast Asia at Henderson Private Capital (2006 - 2007), a Director (2010 - 2014) and a Commissioner (2014 - present) of PT Matahari Department Store Tbk. He is currently active as a Managing Partner CVC Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte. Ltd (2007 - present), a Director of Amtek Engineering Ltd (2007 - present), a Director of Magnum Berhad (2011 - present) and a Director of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd (2012 - present).

Andy Nugroho Purwohardono


An Indonesian citizen, born on December 22, 1968 at Jakarta, 47 years old.

Mr. Purwohardono holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University.

He was appointed as the Company’s Director since 2013. Mr. Purwohardono started his career as an Industrial Engineer at the Intel Corp in Oregon, United States (1991-1992). He later held a position as a Corporate Finance Officer of PT OCBC Sikap Securities (1994-1995), the Assistant Manager of PT Peregrine Securities (1995), the Director of Sales of PT SG Securities (1995-2002), the Senior Vice President of ABN Amro Bank (2002-2003), the President Director and the Head of Capital Market of PT Danareksa Sekuritas (2003-2009), and the President Director of PT Morgan Stanley Asia Indonesia (2009-2013) Managing Director of CVC Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (2013-2014), He is currently serving as the Managing Director of CVC Asia Pacific Limited’s Indonesia Representative (2014-present), Director of Matahari Department Store Tbk (2014-present), and Director of MAP Aktif Adiperkasa (2015-present).

Surya Tatang

Independent Director

An Indonesian citizen, 40 years old, was born in Jakarta.

Mr Tatang holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Philippines School of Business Administration and is a CFA Charterholder.

He joined the Company as its Independent Director in 2017 after holding various positions in the Finance and Corporate Finance divisions of the Lippo group of companies including Star Pacific, Lippobank and Lippo Karawaci (2003–2013). Mr Tatang previously held the roles of Credit Analyst and later Corporate Dealer at Bank Bira (1995–1998), worked in the Corporate Finance division at Batavia Prosperindo International (1999–2000) and was Head of Research at Sucorinvest Central Gani (2000).

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